6 Months memebership

£ 39,99

We take a dedicated lesson for hours to help you become the best artist you can be. Recognizing your needs and abilities, I will find the right way to help guide you and improve your drawing skills, whether you are starting from scratch as a beginner or want to improve your refined work. It will help you reach your goals and give you the basic framework you need to learn how to copy and become a realistic pencil artist.

To understand nature, we must understand how we see in order to translate it on our paper.
If the student is more advanced, we’ll take a look at what really inspires them and how we can push their abilities by looking at the subtleties, whether it’s improving a good drawing to become more realistic, the quality of equipment, or the nuances of the line direction that need to be tweaked. We must always continue to push ourselves and learn from what we are doing, so I fully encourage people to embrace their mistakes and enjoy the process on the final result.

The topics I cover are shading, shapes, line direction, perspective, portraits, shapes and much more.

I am also providing the option of a ready-made drawing kit with all the equipment you need to start or enhance your drawing practice including a hardcover sketchbook, 3 pencils which are basic in my lessons. You can buy your own and I can send you a small list of things you need to prepare.

Available online or in person (travel fee is required in person)

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Drawing is a process that all children naturally engage in, from the time they first discover they can hold a crayon.

In general, a child’s progress portrays a strong connection between drawing and child development.

Kids acquire drawing skills at various ages, but they display many of the same group traits as they progress through the stages of drawing development from toddlerhood to preschool.

Here is a brief look at drawing for toddlers and preschoolers, followed by 14 benefits of drawing for children.